Friday, October 17, 2008

Take 2!

Word has it, that they're back. And that things are about to change too soon...all over again!
It sort of scares me - the way they know.. ARRIVE! Now I had plans for 2009..(to graduate, for example) with all those resolutions and all.. but sheesh! The word "resolution" itself has a different connotation for them.
I'm not sure where to go - they say I cannot escape it (which is true, because last year I really tried hard), and what if I get addicted?!

From what my sources tell me, even the biggies are joining them, as are some college junkies...male and female. My colleagues too, are getting into it.. What if I'm left alone?

Should I join the Revolution?

But then, I'm not into all this alternate stuff you know... I'm not sure if it's meant to be - but Chinkoo, my best friend tells me, that this revolution is for everybody..and one of those big ones post independence. Wonder who's the Baap(u) of them all!?

So while I sit and contemplate over this, would you please tell me if you're joining in or not? Umm.. not much, but it would just help me take the BIG step.